Project Description

Quotes for Family

by Ken Yerama


Why spend hours searching the internet for appropriate quotes and sayings? It’s all here. In this volume of Ken Yerama’s Quotes for all Occasions, the focus is on family.

“A valuable reference book that every Family should have in their home. Ken has brought together, in one place, all the Quotes and sayings that a Family would need to comfort and inspire each other. Whether you are a Mother, Father, Son or Daughter, this book will surely help you find the words to echo from some of the great people of the world who have the gift of language.”

About Ken Yerama

In addition to 33 years’ experience in the public education school system, including many years in Administration and as a Principal, Ken has worked in the training field as a Sector Council curriculum writer, a Program Coordinator for Workplace Education Manitoba, a facilitator for the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program and an International Education Travel Ambassador.