I believe a personal anecdote can best answer this question. Several years ago I produced a monthly ad-supported comedy magazine called the “Broadneck Baloney”. It was thirty-two 8-1/2 x 11 self-covered pages, printed in two colors on 50# offset paper, and the circulation was 10,000. Although I live in Maryland, I got the lowest price from a firm in Dover, Delaware, that used a huge web press that printed all 32 pages at the same time. It took them less than two hours to strip, print, fold, and staple my publication. Of course, they were very busy and I had to schedule my time on their press in advance if I wanted to meet my first-of-the-month publication date. During this period, a local printer did my letterhead, business cards, and flyers. He also distributed about a hundred of my Broadneck Baloneys to his other customers each month. He wanted to give me a price on the Baloney. Without telling him the price I was getting in Dover, I told him he couldn’t possibly beat it. He insisted. I said okay. Several days later, he sent me a written bid. It read that he would be so kind as to print 10,000 copies of Broadneck Baloney for a mere $8,260. I was paying $1,240 in Dover. Yes, I could have just gone to my local printer to have my comedy magazine manufactured on his onecolor press that printed two pages at a time—if it weren’t for that $7,020 I’d be throwing out the window! What is true of magazines in this regard is true of books. One of the many advantages of working with Self Publishing is that their experts will make certain that the printer with the right press for your specifications prints your book.