The folder we will be sending you is in a zip format. Before you can upload your file to Amazon, you’ll need to extract this folder using a utility like Winzip. If you have a zip utility, clicking on the folder will automatically open it allowing you to open and save the files in different ways. Once extracted, you should be able to open the folder and see three files in it;

  • A jpeg of the cover
  • A file with the extension .mobi
  • A file with the extension .epub

The .mobi file is already in Kindle format and is the file you must upload to Amazon. The .epub file is a format common to other eBook readers and can be uploaded to other sites that can publish your book.

Please note that the best way to preview your book is to upload it to your Kindle or whatever eBook reader you are using. Any other application you use to preview your book such as Adobe Digital Editions or Calibre and even the Amazon site preview itself, may look slightly different.