Benefits of self-publishing:

  • You get to make all the decisions; you don’t need to gather input from anyone
  • If you’ve done some market research and found a niche- you could create a demand for your book and sell a lot of copies; no need to share revenues- just with book seller so you will make more money
  • You can arrange print on demand as well as publish when you want- no need to adhere to a Publisher’s schedule
  • You can distribute your book on your own- e.g., through Amazon
  • You can decide where to spend, e.g., cover design, promotions, distribution, professional edit- etc. you can pay for some or all of these services and you decide the cost.

Benefits of going with a publisher:

  • You will have support and expert advice when you make decisions
  • You will share revenues with the Publisher- but you may also actually sell more copies because the Publisher knows how to promote, distribute and sell – it’s what they do.
  • You can do other things, e.g., work your full time job- while writing/getting published because the Publisher takes care of a lot of the planning, strategy, editing etc.
  • Publisher’s usually have wider distribution channels than self-publishers
  • You can control upfront costs- just be sure to research different publishers, ask questions, and don’t sign anything until you review with a trusted advisor.