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Could your magazine article be a book?  How to expand it.

Maybe you’ve written an article for a magazine, and whether it was ultimately published or not, you have a lot more to say on the topic and you wonder if it could be expanded into a book.

Chances are, it can!  In fact, it may even have been harder to edit a comprehensive story into a shorter  magazine format than it will be to fill the pages of a book length manuscript!

Start  by taking a look at your article.   Make notes on what parts of it, what points, you might like to delve deeper into.   What stories can you tell that will help to illustrate your point?   Is there someone you can interview that will help bring color or feeling to your story?  That might get you not only some great new quotes, but some new ideas or a fresh perspective to include on your topic.

Research, research, research is the key to putting your new book together!

Even if you happen to be writing fiction, you need to know what sort of environment your characters would be living in.  For example, if your main character is a teacher but you haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in decades, you might want to do a little research into life in schools today!