The Writers Life  – Just what IS a writers retreat?

While it may sound like just a fantasy, writer’s retreats DO actually exist in the modern world.  While any successful writer who has found themselves starting by being enveloped in words in a cramped apartment can attest to, time at a writer’s retreat certainly isn’t necessary to become a successful author – but it is a luxury that you might be able to experience – with a little luck!

Writer’s Retreat’s enable a writer to leave their regular world behind… and either to join with a group of other writers in workshops and seminars – or to find an isolated space where they can truly envelop themselves in creating the book of their dreams.

The Writer’s Trust of Canada, for example, operates Berton House, in Dawson City, Yukon, about as remote a location as one might imagine.  Other’s you may find more locally, available to a writer for as short  a time as a weekend,  other’s have writer in residence programs with much more intensive time commitments.

There are a wide range of options available for the budding or long time writer to explore.   Type “Writer’s Retreats” into Google… and away you  go!