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The team at Propriety Publishing includes experienced authors, speakers, trainers, public relations professionals, copy editors, writers, web designers, marketing experts and sales coaches. We all have different skills, different backgrounds and different experiences. But we do have a few things in common:

  • We all love books
  • We all believe that we can achieve more working together than working alone
  • We are all committed to publishing books that build people up, to sharing stories that encourage and inspire, and to bringing out the best in people.
  • We all think it’s amazing and rewarding and sometimes profitable to publish a book- but, we all also know it’s hard work, that not all authors get rich, and sometimes even good books just don’t sell without the right strategies in place.
  • We all believe that the smartest thing authors can do is think beyond simply publishing and have a plan for building their brand and business.
  • We all know that when you are focused on the content, and busy writing your heart out, it sure makes things easier, and more enjoyable, if you are working with a team you can trust to handle all the publishing, marketing, and promotional details.
  • We all know it’s hard for new authors to come up with the $3000-10,000.00 it can cost to self-publish and market a book, so we offer a range of options for all different budgets, including a no fee for author plan.
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At Propriety Publishing we want to help you publish your book- we love books! But, publishing is the easy part. Our expertise in promoting and selling books related to soft skills is what makes us different from other publishers.

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