The biggest barrier to becoming a published author might not be what you think it is. As hard as it is to get the attention of a publisher, as hard as it might seem to successfully market your book, as intimidating as it is to start putting the structure of your book together, it is none of these.

The biggest barrier to becoming a successful author just might be…you!

Not because you’re not a great probably are! But because you don’t think you are….

..Maybe you, like so many others, think of “writers” as someone other…someone much smarter, or maybe more cultured, than you are. Here’s a secret. They’re not. Just like you, that wrirt you admire was once an unknown scribe,putting pen to paper to share an idea or a story.

When you realize you have every bit as much to say as those whose names line your bookshelves…then you are a writer. So…start writing!