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Have you ever considered writing a book? Do you have a great idea that’s dying to be put down in print? Are you the next best-selling author? Propriety Publishing is ready to work with you achieve your publishing dreams and goals.

Propriety Publishing is a niche market publishing company that publishes various books in topic areas such as:

  • Confidence 
  • Social Competence
  • Social Competence
  • Civility
  • Self-Esteem
  • Communication
  • Ethics
  • Respect
  • Collaboration

The team at Propriety Publishing includes experienced authors, speakers, trainers, public relations professionals, copy editors, writers, web designers, marketing experts and sales coaches.

Due to our dedications and individual focus on our authors, Propriety Publishing can only accept a limited number of authors per publishing period to ensure that each author has the support needed to be a success.

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