Project Description

Lead and Be Civil

by Dr. Renee Baker


What is it that separates good leaders from GREAT leaders? Increasingly research shows that the ability to be civil is a competency imperative for anyone seeking success in leadership. In this ground-breaking and practical book, Dr. Renee Baker reveals why leadership and civility go hand and hand, how leaders can cultivate a civility mindset within organizations and the consequences of uncivil leadership.

About Dr. Renee Baker

“Looking forward to 2020, leadership in the new world of work is about building relational wealth and this requires heart-to-heart marketing and an ability to meet people where they are.” this according Dr. Renee Baker, CEO of Leadership & Civility Solutions.

Building on lessons learned over the last 17 years coupled with advanced education, certitfications and awards in marketing, public relations, strategy and leadership, Renee is committed to heping others re-engage their passion for leadership and re-ignite to build leadership within organizations.

Through Leadership & Civility Solutions, Dr. Baker, a professional speaker and scholarly practitioner who is a candidate for ICTC Master Civility Trainer Status and her team will offer transformational keynotes, workplace and cultural change readiness, heart-to-heart leadership skills and civility training.

To support her endeavor to teach leadership and civility, Dr. Baker continues to learn more about Asia-Pacific, Middle Eastern and the UK, and she is practicing her Spanish. What’s next? Watch for Renee’s’s new book, “Dividend Leadership Model ” planned for release in April 2017.