Turn to page 1 of any book. Then turn the page. The back of page 1 is page 2. Then comes page 3, and the back of page 3 is page 4, and so on. Odd-numbered pages are always on the right, and even-numbered pages are always on the left. I know this seems so obvious, but counting pages is one of the single most misunderstood simple things in printing. Self Publishing has received its share of manuscripts with the pages numbered 1F and 1B (1Front and 1Back), 2F and 2B, and so on, instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. And yet, have any of us ever seen a book in print with pages numbered 1F, 1B, 2F, 2B, 3F, 3B, etc.? Could it be mind-numbing x-rays emanating from the copy machines at Kinko’s which are causing this confusion? Remember that every page counts as a page whether it is blank or part of the text, numbered or not.