Getting a Publishing Contract

What Are The Different Publishing Options?

You may  not have considered all the different publishing options there may be for your book.  You may first think of the books you would find in most local bookstores, printed for a mass consumer audience, whether fiction or non fiction.  The publishers that publish these books  are called “Trade publishers”.

There are also smaller literary presses,   academic publishers,  and those that publish primarily for a business audience, like Propriety Publishing.

Unlike the notorious “vanity press” of the old days, in today’s do it yourself culture, options have sprung up that enable writer’s to publish on demand, copy by copy, opening  up the world of publishing and speaking out in print, to those who didn’t have voices before.  Interestingly, one of today’s top bestselling fiction titles was initially fan fiction that would not have been taken seriously or found a traditional publisher.  The writer sold it herself, millions of copies were sold, and it was ultimately bought by a mainstream publisher.  One caveat, most mainstream / newspaper based reviewers will not review a self published book.  Still, for some,  it is an option that should be considered.

The writer has many options and choices to get their words onto the printed page and into the hands of their reader.  We at Propriety Publishing hope you will consider us first!