Now that you’ve written your book, there are a lot of online avenues to promote it.  There are many ways to get your new book in front of hundreds of thousands of eyes, some ways that didn’t exist just a few short years ago.

Like everything else in the modern world, book promotion has changed drastically in the age of the internet.  Aside from the traditional channels , book focused blogs and audio podcasts have multiplied by the thousands, the media available to help today’s author promote his or her published books are too many to even begin to name.

Starting with book reviewers  – as always, it begins with genre.  Don’t bother sending your business book to a reviewer (either mainstream or blogger) who primarily reviews fiction or romance, for example. Similarly, don’t expect to get any play sending a reviewer who primarily writes for a business audience your latest fascinating mystery page turner… it’s just a waste of time.  Research who reviews what – and then via Google you can find the blogs of  many reviewers looking at books in your genre.

Don’t forget the mainstream newspapers too – The New York Times, The Toronto Star, most larger cities local papers still have book review sections or pages.   In most cases, you will have to send a hard copy of your book to the newsroom to be considered.

Use Twitter as a resource too!  A quick search in Twitter’s space bar will bring you up a lot of review sites, some are paid, some are unpaid, but all can help you with your reach and finding new audiences!