NICHE EXPERTISE? Finding the right publisher

It just might be Propriety! Like most publishers, Propriety publishes a limited number of books per year. Currently we publish only unique books for the business marketplace. Check out our FAQ and writer’s guidelines.

If PP isn’t the publisher for you right now, it will just take a little research.

You can invest in the old standard – The Writers Guide. This book publishes every year and lists publishers across North America, with current contact info and detailed info about how to submit your work and in what format. (Note : you can find submission guidelines for magazine publishers large and small here too – both mainstream and smaller literary presses. If you don’t want to buy the book, invest some time in online research. Search “publishers” in Google and visit their webpages. Most have a FAQ or authors submissions guidelines page that should make clear what they are (and aren’t!) looking for, how the accept submissions and other important information.

Sending your manuscript to the right publisher will increase your chances for success and lessen rejection slips.