On  your Way to a bestseller – Preparing for the author interview

So, you’ve written your book, and now your publisher or publicist  – or maybe you – have done the work of writing and sending out a press release, media advisory, or otherwise reached out to the influencers who can help your book get into the hands of the masses.

If you’ve been successful, some have responded positively,and you’ve just been asked to do your first media interview.  Right about now, the panic might be setting in.

Hold on. Breathe deeply.  You’ve got this.

While this part may be new to you – you know your stuff.  You wrote this book because you had something to say – now say it!

And here’s a little hint – most people are nervous when speaking to a potential audience of thousands or more – and most people watching or listening never even know it.

Simply by virtue of the fact that YOU and not someone else is being interviewed, most listeners or viewers will automatically assume you are an expert in your field.  After all – if you weren’t – they wouldn’t put you on TV or the radio.

Experts at public speaking remind us that a little nerves might actually be a good thing  – reminding us to think carefully about what we are saying and how we are presenting ourselves and avoid the mistakes that overconfidence can create!