Who has time to write these days?

Certainly not you – right? With all your responsibilities at work..the family…why, between home and the office the list of things you have to do seems off the charts, and matter how much time you spend, the to do list never seems to get any shorter.

You know you have a great book in you and you have always had that dream. The idea might strike you when you are on hold on a business call – or in the lineup at the grocery store. Maybe you even make a note, or record a message to yourself on your cell phone.

Because, someday…you’ll have time to sit down and write it.

The truth is, this day you are picturing with nothing but hours and hours of free time to write, will probably never come.

Chances are tomorrow, and next year, will be just as busy as today.

You have to carve out the time. Even if you set aside just a half hour a day, or give yourself a goal of just a page or two …

Just start!

Before you know it, you’ll have five pages done. Then ten. Then twenty….then you are on the way to seeing your name on the cover of a book as you have dreamed.