Tips and Techniques for writers – The dreaded rejection letter.

So, you’ve written a manuscript.  You decided against self publishing, you researched the most likely publishers, double and triple checked your work, and then sent it off to a publisher or two.   Now you have been checking your email with bated breath, waiting to see if you have been accepted.

That first rejection, something every writer experiences – can be crushing.  After all, this book is your baby – something you have spent years planning, and sleepless nights perfecting.  And now it’s out of your hands – and someone else seems to have passed harsh judgement on it.

Many might think :

“Is my book not good enough?”

“Am I not a good enough writer?”

But – hold on a second.  Take heart!

That’s not what a rejection slip means at all.

It’s much more likely that the publisher isn’t publishing books in that genre, or they have published their quote for that type of book for the year.  It may mean your book isn’t a good fit for their demographic and general audience.    Or, your book may need another run through, a few more changes to make it publishing ready (if that’ s the case, they’ll probably let you know)!

The good news is, there are lots of publishers out there – and if your book serves a need,  chances are, you will find a great fit!